From: Bryce

RE: 10 FREE Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets
I started using Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets about 2 years ago,.. and I've never gone back to 'paper' targets since! 

Let me tell you these are my GoTo Targets.

First,.. is the technique applied to these targets with a double layer of material. 

The first material is a bright neon yellow which can be detected by the naked eye up to over 300+ yards which is painted onto an adhesive sticker making it super easy to stick anywhere. 

So why are they BLACK?!!? 

On top of the bright neon is a layer of black 'chalk' that covers the neon... which when punctured by a bullet breaks away the chalk and reveals the neon making a change in light - easy for your eyes to pick up.
How The Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets Work
These targets are used to train the most elite snipers along with day-to-day gun pioneers looking to increase their skill in the art of handguns.


Is the sight capability and to instantly know where your shot was placed.

Last week we went to the range to where I brought a handful of targets and handed them out to men and women at the shooting range.

We placed a Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets on the left of their Paper Target along with drawing a circle in black marker on the right.

We then asked them to shoot the paper target and then the Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets.

What happened afterwards was absolutely stunning!

When shooting the paper targets with a shot-timer,.. the gaps between shots had a massive increase vs when shooting the Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets the gaps in time decreased.

As a group - we came to the conclusion that it was taking us longer to see our shots thus forcing us to take a longer time to adjust our gun, aim and shoot when practicing with the paper targets.

When switching over to the Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets along with the shot-timer we saw a significant decrease in time between shots along with an increase in accuracy.

With the Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets,.. not only were we able - as a group - to shoot at an increased speed but have a more accurate shots onto the target.

This was such a great experiment at our range - I challenge YOU to take the same experiment and see how you compare with speed and accuracy.
...but, don't take my word for it!
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The National Gun Owner Association Has Teamed  Up With GlowShot Targets Whom Are Giving Away A Limited Amount Of These Silhouette Targets
Make sure to send me a Video and Pictures after taking your Silhouettes to the Range,.. and I'll be sure to post them to the ILMG Facebook Fan Page!

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